Discover How To Get Motivated

Discover How To Get Motivated

Lately I've been talking a lot about the about three of the primary elements of fitness. Namely, weight lifting, cardio and nutrition. Now let's peep game on the fourth factor: how to keep a journal


That is one of the more crucial aspects of fitness. Think about it, many people, on some level, know how to shed some pounds and strengthen. Just pull several of your friends aside and enquire of them what the best way to lose weight is. They likely will not have a perfect answer, however i bet they'll know enough to lose at least five or ten pounds.

However, obtaining the "know how" and putting it into action are a couple of completely different things. That's where most people fail. They are fully aware to cut their calories(500 fewer calories every day) and up their exercise... still, they do not do it.

They know the importance of lifting weights to retain and/or get ripped... but they don't do it.

They understand they need to eat neat and eat healthy... yet they can't pass up the donuts along with the pizza.

The problem is Deficiency of Motivation.

Many people get started strong, just the novelty in the lifestyle changes, potentially watching the extra weight on the scale drop and seeing the changes in the mirror supplies a significant motivation spike.

That "novelty" motivation is going to fade. And that's why you need to find a source of motivation that isn't going to disappear.

Now, you probably have a few ideas in what will keep you motivated to talk to your goals to the end. Here's what I suggest:

Do a brain dump to uncover all the reasons you wish to change your body.

How to get motivated

 First, remove a few blank sheets of paper or open up a fresh word processing document on your desktop. At the top of the paper (or screen) write "Why do I want to transform my body?" Then spend 15-20 uninterrupted minutes listing every benefit you think of.

 Don't censor yourself, because your goal is always to reveal the truth. If several of your reasons seem shallow or vain just roll with it.

 Once your time is up, read your list slowly. Create a mental note of the way you feel as you read each line. You should get a surge of emotion when you imagine yourself achieving experiencing the benefits your goal!

 Focus around the reasons that invoke the best images and emotions, because those are your strongest reasons and a huge asset in bodybuilding from a caliber. For example, if the thought of having a heart attack or otherwise not being able to see your pecker scares the piss from you, then you have a strong emotional reason for losing weight. If thinking about how females will answer your yolked body gets your heart pounding and makes you feel saucy, then you've got a strong emotional need to lose weight and/or gain muscle.

 Find a major reason (or two) with strong emotional underpinnings and spend a few momemts each day visualizing how you'll FEEL after you've reached your goal. As long as you don't humor any doubt and maintain a strong focus this easy exercise will keep you motivated, as if you can tap into that feeling... then you can certainly tap into an endless method of getting motivation! how to keep a journal